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Advantages and losses of modern technology

Advantages and losses of modern technology
Writing: SM Shah
If you have heard the name of the Global Wellage, it is not a legendary fact but a plain fact. Today, the modern technology has transformed our world into a global environment. Past difficulties have now been resolved largely due to modern technology. Resources are a problem of transportation or communication, people from Ophiaia were unaware of the first world, but today, in view of these facilities, people can be aware of the news of bridge bridge. The first year’s equity now in months, more months have changed in days and hours. Tasks needed to perform the first work, now a modern machine performs the best in their best way. Due to the lack of telephone and mobile, people used to be unaware of their loved ones for years, now where modern technology has solved many problems and distances in a number of ways, there is unfortunately the resources to increase Along with the various issues of moral, ethical, social, family, mental and training, they are also getting very dangerous problems.
The problems that were not previously thought about, are being done on a practical basis today. The first people used to live like each other’s brother, were involved in the pain of each other, helped poor people, and used to support unbelievers, used to repel patients, and grieve each other. To respect the elders and to remain in the court of scholars, they considered their sharpness and moral duty, consulting the religion of their area in their most important tasks and used to obey their order, despite the difficulties of the world, prosperous living There was also a distinction about thinking of luxuries, as the stars were very different from now, Nannus’s respect was very high. He was negligible and divorce rates. Unhealthy and unhealthy flour was like salt.
In modern times, how modern technology is developing, humanity’s moral, love and patience, worship, worship and dedication, justice and integrity, mercy and compassion, humility and respect, obedience and goodness and goodness. I am still showing a clear decline, and now man is getting humanity out of the machine. All ethical values ​​were largely maintained before such a precaution. Now the place of humanity is taking place, love is now getting hatred in your place, depression and misery are being occupied at the place of patriotism and worship, now the place of worship and anger is being angered, court Now on the authenticity, cruelty is killing the oppression, now the fear of hatred and hatred is being replaced by mercy and courage. The emotions of the scholars are now becoming painful and they have become a common thing to try different things by blaming them differently. Instead, instead of treating their spiritual illness as a spiritual physician, as a spiritual doctor, it has become a daily routine to make a failed attempt to use them for personal purposes.
The first women thought of being nervous for their first home without the permission of their parents, and because of limited resources, their work was seen under parent, brothers, and other dear ones, due to which unbelievable miracles looked like Our women were counted as brothers. But now due to modern communication, support of facilities such as mobile, Facebook and Watts up gradually, the market of unhealthy is becoming hot through the wrong links on the name of love and affection. The rate of divorce is increasing daily. The sanctity of the house’s functionality is becoming worse and now the freedom and nudity in the name of freedom, as well as day-to-day promotion, and even life-saving life is becoming more prosperous. As a result of these facilities, the Western culture is severely affecting our sacred culture. Islamic civilization is being spread in the name of civilization.
Drugs and moral evils are increasingly increasing. Last year, 67 million adults used drugs in Pakistan. More than 42 million people are drunk. Of these, more than thirty thousand people are involved with treatment therapy. 4% of the total population is suffering. 7 million people are using opium. Men have high rates of nausea and nausea, while women also use comfort-making medicines. About 1.5 million people use drugs as drugs. Millions of people annually claim to be a devotee due to the drug. (1) That is why people are now waiting for their previous life, tired of the modern system of life. The clear proof of which recently, more than a million people in Italy have to protest for the restoration of their ancient home system. [2]
What is the reason for this? The main reason for this is our weakness of our beliefs, our intentions from Islamic values ​​and the right Islamic training of the new generation. We need to train our children, after which they can fight against all these difficulties. When we strengthen their beliefs through their proper training, then there will be a respect in their minds than Islamic values. When these values ​​are governed by their minds, then they will be ready to follow the Islamic laws themselves. When they are bound in the practical field of Islamic principles, cultural culprits will not be able to overcome them.

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